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Birthdate:Apr 24
Baby (The Impala)
Get your motor runnin'
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Head out on the highway
Baby is almost a regular human. Almost.

He doesn't have to eat, although he enjoys food. He's faster than your average human, probably because he's still a car at heart. Baby can't go quite as fast as when he had a motor and four wheels, but if you're trying to outrun him on foot you're bound to be left in the dust. He's also fairly flexible, for a car-turned-human, and his sense of balance is impeccable, thanks to the daily tune-ups Dean gives him. His headlights don't work like they used to - at least, they don't light up the road for Dean anymore - but Baby can still see in the dark, though only in the same radius his headlights normally gave him.
Lookin' for adventure, and whatever comes our way
While Dean and assorted company tend to use 'she' when talking about the Impala, Baby is in fact, sexless. Thusly, when Baby wakes up as a human male, the gender of the body fails to be of importance to the car. Baby can be moody at times, especially when the Winchesters aren't giving him attention. He craves their touch, (not necessarily sexual, but human contact), and can get extremely grumpy or jittery when he doesn't get it.

Baby finds that he doesn't actually need to eat, although he enjoys burgers and a hard beer immensely. It probably has something to do with the White Castle Castiel had left in his backseat for a week that one time, and now the taste has sunken into his upholstery.

He finds it strange to walk around on two legs like the Winchesters, but takes it in stride. Most of the time Baby is completely fine with the human transformation, and enjoys it while he can. Other times he will react violently to changes or urges - the urge to keep moving, to be anything other than stationary, may send him sprinting off in a random direction for seemingly no reason at all, a remnant of his origin as a car. Some things he has no hope of understanding - the fact that he can't drink motor oil, for example.

He can be somewhat scatter-brained, finding all sorts of new and intriguing aspects to being human. Still, he is confident in the knowledge that he has and always will be a beautiful car. The fact that this description doesn't necessarily apply to his human form is something Baby hasn't thought about.

Upon removing his shirt, Baby finds several scars, including Sam and Dean’s initials, which are on his abdomen, and others on his back. There's a white gash on the back of his neck from where Dean hit him with a crowbar. None of them hurt anymore, and he tends to think of the initials as a tattoo of sorts, but sometimes Baby will imagine that they do, a phantom pain echoing his boys’ pain.

Baby woke up in a black leather jacket and dark black, skinny jeans, and he feels uncomfortable in anything other than that. He’s perfectly fine getting naked, or sleeping in a bed, but any other type of fabric “rubs him wrong” and he simply won’t wear it.

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